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Re-Birth of a Freelance Writer

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I recently decided that I need to get out of my own head a bit more.

Ok, that statement probably needs some clarification for those who don't know me.

I work on my own a lot and have come to realise how insular that can be. So, I've taken a leap and resurrected something I did a lot of years ago - writing.

What sort of writing? Well, pretty much anything, as listed up on the picture and more. I have a wide range of life experience - some of which I'd really rather not have had, on the whole - and it all broadens the mind.

The recent writing work I've been commissioned to do has been very diverse; a paint company newsletter, a piece about the effects of Brexit on human rights, a product guide for burr coffee grinders, and a very academic paper on teacher resilience. Oh, plus seven weird things people have done with chocolate.

Why did those topics get me outside my head? Because I knew nothing about any of them when I began. I love research and that's what makes a project fun and challenging to do. The subject of the piece doesn't really matter.

So, send me your unloved blogs; your tired newsletters; your woebegone web pages; your dusty academic papers and I will climb out of my head and make them sparkle for you.

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