About Me

Ann Walker

I've got 50-odd years of living behind me - some of them very odd!! - and they've given me a wealth of varied experience. I'm English and have lived in England all my life. I've done a wide variety of things, from teaching to nursing and then running my own successful businesses, so I do have a lot of life knowledge and common sense to apply to your projects.

I'm educated to BA Honours degree level, have an expansive grasp of English grammar and punctuation, a vast vocabulary and a real obsession about correct spelling. You will never need to correct typos in my copy. These abilities also make me a good proof-reader of others work.

I've always loved to write and now I'd like to write for you. My personal writing style tends to be like the way I speak to people, which is friendly and informal - as I'm talking to you now, in fact - but I can also write in any voice you require, right up to a formal and professional manner, with citations and referencing if needed.

In another, other life, I'm a university-qualified conservator/restorer of historic objects. I also have a wealth of knowledge about and practical skills in a huge range of craft subjects, having practiced and taught them for many years.

My work ethic is simple - I think the 'extra mile' is part of the deal and not something to choose to add or not. That's what you'll get from me. Send me your unloved blogs; your tired newsletters; your woebegone web pages; your dusty academic papers and I will make them sparkle for you. 

What I'd like from you is the chance to prove what I can do. That's it.

I'm good at what I do - your business needs me.